Camp Woodland: The Experience

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Camp Photo

Meeting in Camp Woodland’s Amphitheater.

Woodlanders gathered in the camp’s amphitheater for many events during the summer. The meetings helped create and sustain the sense of communal connection that defined Camp Woodland.


Woodlanders with George Edwards at a campfire.

Collecting songs and folklore from Camp Woodland’s neighbors was a focus of the summer’s activities. George Edwards was the source of hundreds of folk songs collected at camp. George Edwards spent extended periods at Camp Woodland where he sang and his songs were taken down and preserved.

Folk Festival

Folk Festival of the Catskills at the Simpson Memorial Ski Slope in the 1950s.

The Folk Festival of the Catskills took place towards the end of summer. Camp Woodland’s neighbors performed along with campers.

Local Map of Camp Woodland

The way to Camp Woodland's Neighbors

Map shows graphically where some of Camp Woodland's neighbors lived in relation to camp. Click to view full size.

Overview Map of Camp Woodland Region

Camp Woodland was between New York City and Albany

Camp Woodland was located on Mt. Garfield, in the Woodland Valley near the town of Phoenicia, about 25 mi. northwest of Kingston.